Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More GATE Products Coming

Several years ago we (the GATE project, that is, not the royal "we" -- my knighthood seems to have got lost in the post for some reason) reached the conclusion that the tools that we've built for developing language processing components (GATE Developer) and deploying them as parts of other applications (GATE Embedded) were only one part of the story of successful semantic annotation projects. We like to think that our specialist open source software and our user community are the best in the world in many respects, but when we help people who are not specialists we encountered a bunch of other perspectives and problems. We also came across some hard problems of scaleability and efficiency which led us to implement a completely new system for annotation indexing (with thanks to Sebastiano Vigna and MG4J).

So, cutting to the chase, we developed a bunch of new systems and tools, partly with our commercial partners. We did this largely behind closed doors (although we did run a workshop on multiparadigm indexing at which we got a lot of useful input), partly because of our partners' requirements and partly because we wanted to minimise our support load while we ironed out the bugs in the initial versions.... which process has now run its course, and we're pleased to announce the imminent availability of lots of new stuff. Keep a watch out on GATE.ac.uk over the summer, as we'll be moving it all into our source repositories in advance of our 6.0 release in the autumn.



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