Monday, December 9, 2013

Moving house (reMaker unCompany)

The bags are packed, the electric is turned off and the van is rammed to the gills...

Metaphorically speaking, that is. I've revamped my personal pages, and set up a blog there -- -- so head on over. There's coffee on the stove.

The new house? A bijou residence on the slopes of Mount Physical, with the catchy title of reMaker unCompany, to put a roof over some stuff I've been working on in relation to the new world of digital manufacture, single-board computers and the like.

See you soon.



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    1. Pretty low of you, OpenText, to resort to spamming like this? Shall we leave that as a testament to the quality of your products?! Last refuge of the incompetent and all that?

    2. Good for you Hamish - a blogpost onmoving house isn't an open invitation for all to just comment and join the conversation - two thumbs up!

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